The Ewing Legacy Estates Team

Ewing Legacy Estates is a Hawai'i based company specializing in the design, construction, marketing and sales of extraordinary residential estate properties in Hawai'i and elsewhere. The professionals associated with these activities bring decades of experience and understand the proper chronological sequencing of pre-development, development, marketing and sales activities.

Architects, engineers and designers produce site planning and design concepts universally recognized as innovative and nurturing. The construction process utilizes conscientious selection of sustainable materials, energy efficiencies, and environmental sensitivities producing a home environment stimulating the senses and rewarding one's lifestyle desires.

Marketing and sales are overseen and coordinated by a group of professionals that demonstrates perpetual understanding of the fulfillments necessary - integration of superior lifestyle opportunities, global award winning design, style and customer satisfaction - consistently achieved through intelligent planning, precise execution and transparent communication.

Stephen Ewing


Chris Webster

Marketing & Sales

Laura Martin


Steven Fassett


Ron Buraglia


Aaron King


Patty Schumacher